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The $100 Million Dollar Tour exposes you to experts with admirable track record in the industry. And it does not stop when we leave. After the tour, you can be teamed up with one of our professionals on your next project!


The $100 Million Dollar Tour is a real estate investment tour to give you in-depth real investing insights and advice that you can rarely find elsewhere. You’ll get to see a wide array of properties in your preferred location within the U.S. Spearheaded by distinguished experts in the industry, the information-packed workshop lays a concrete foundation for robust investing systems and ultra-effective investing strategies. It’s an opportunity that you can’t afford to miss.

You will gain lots of industry-related knowledge from this super-informative workshop. Whether you want to learn about raising private money for deals, being the bank or rehabbing, this event got you covered. It covers a wide range of real estate investing topics that you are highly likely to be interested in. Other topics that will be covered include marketing for deals, wholesaling, buy and hold strategies, property management, as well as how to work with agents, contractors and real estate professionals.



Whether you are an aspiring, budding or an established real estate investor, this workshop is for you. Packed with actionable and systematized materials and information, the event is designed to cater for the needs of every property enthusiast. Besides, it will be a great platform for the upcoming investors to get a few nuggets from other attendees who have been in the industry longer.


 Local real estate agents who partner with us will be present in the workshop. Therefore, should you identify your preferred property, and you are in a position to start investing in it, the agents will be there to help you start the venture instantly. So, prepare adequately to grab opportunities that the event has to offer.

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