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About me, Tameka Bryant

Prior to establishing The Real Estate House in 2004, I spent 10 years as a not for profit executive. My dedication to serving communities and youth development in New York City was fueled by my upbringing and family values. While in New York, I developed new, innovative programs to ensure my clients’ funds were managed appropriately and efficiently. My clients included the federal government and fortune 500 companies. Many of the systems I put in place are still being used.


I started my own real estate brokerage and applied my skills to building my company in 2004. Within one year, I became a Master Listing Broker for Freddie Mac, represented Fannie Mae, and 3 other high-volume banks servicing Kansas and Missouri. Having served as the 1st African American MLS President, Realtor of the Year and having closed more than 2800 real estate transactions, I am poised to assist you find your niche.

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