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About me, Tameka Bryant

Prior to establishing The Real Estate House in 2004, I spent 10 years as a not for profit executive. My dedication to serving communities and youth development in New York City was fueled by my upbringing and family values. While in New York, I developed new, innovative programs to ensure my clients’ funds were managed appropriately and efficiently. My clients included the federal government and fortune 500 companies. Many of the systems I put in place are still being used.


I started my own real estate brokerage and applied my skills to building my company in 2004. Within one year, I became a Master Listing Broker for Freddie Mac, represented Fannie Mae, and 3 other high-volume banks servicing Kansas and Missouri. Having served as the 1st African American MLS President, Realtor of the Year and having closed more than 2800 real estate transactions, I am poised to assist you find your niche.

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Check Out My Programs

Real Estate Investment Coaching for Women

Compass WIN Real Estate Mentorship Program is designed to give women a deeper and unique insight about real estate investing. Accountability and Action is what we’re all about.

1:1 Coaching

You are the BLUEPRINT is a one-on-one intensive business coaching program that focuses on YOU and YOUR business. No cookie cutter program, no fluff…just you and me working to build your business. 

Become An International Sales Agent

You don't need a real estate license to sell international real estate, but you do need the right team and training. The ISA Certification is designed to give you what you need to help you buy and sell overseas.

Blueprint in a Box™ Introduction to Development

Ready to get going in development? You've found the place! Our team of developers are here to help you get started and on your way.

Blueprint in a Box™
Commercial Lending

Running a Successful Private Lending Practice isn’t easy to do on your own. So don’t. This is a training and coaching program so you get the skills and coach you deserve to win in this space.

International Investment Program

Real estate investing is broad and so are the opportunities. Finding the right projects to invest in can be daunting. With as little as $1K you can begin your journey with us. No previous experience required.

Coaching Programs


I hired Dr. Bryant and my life has never been the same! I added 6 figures to my bottom line within a year. I didn't think it was possible but I did it!

I would recommend this coach to anyone that is SERIOUS about creating new income streams or building more wealth.

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